For Entrepreneurs
A step-by-step training & proven strategies to simplify your social media content, automate your postings, and boost your engagement online.
For Entrepreneurs
A step-by-step training & proven strategies to simplify your social media content, automate your postings, and boost your engagement online.
You’re a heart centered entrepreneur.

You’re scaling your business by growing your online presence and leveraging your social media.

You want to grow your impact, attract your own ride-or-die audience that sticks by you and your brand…

But most importantly…

You want to take control of your time and energy, so you don’t spend 24x7 on social media to scale sustainably.

I have heard it all before...

You've spent hours and hours trying to build your online presence. 

You’re still not getting enough traction. (no matter how much you post weekly)

You feel like you are getting lost in the sea of every other business out there. No matter how much you try, your posts aren’t standing out

You are draining a lot of time and energy being distracted on social media & want to disconnect.

Does This Resonate With You?

  • You are constantly stressed about what to post on social media, when to post, and how to get people's attention.
  • ​You are putting all your free time into social media but aren't seeing any client growth or return on investment.
  • Imposter syndrome knocks at your door every time your post doesn’t get the response you wanted. 
  • ​You are ready to put down your phone and disconnect but don't want to lose momentum online. with being "inactive."
  • ​You don’t have the time or energy to scour youtube videos, blogs and reels to figure out a social media strategy that works for you. 


So why does social media feel so complicated?

You are trying to talk to everyone

You haven't precisely determined “who you are talking to” online. When you talk to everyone, you speak to no one.

You have an unclear strategy.

Not having a clear social media strategy is the same as driving for hours trying to get somewhere - without knowing where that end destination is.

You aren't being social on social media.

If you aren't creating content that grabs attention, provides value, encourages action, and boosts interaction, your audience won’t send you comments, share your content and send you heartfelt DMs.

You are not 100% committed and consistent.

One day you’re posting consistently, the next you need to unplug and unwind. I'm sure you’ve heard this before - it’s easy to be consistent when you have a solid plan.

You feel like you’re living on social media.

If you know how to leverage social media, you can build connections and consistently generate an endless stream of leads. All you need is a simple system that works for you, so you can automate your social media, sit back and relax. 

Stay with me on this...

What if I told you there was a better way?

  • You wake up to your phone buzzing with notifications of comments and heartfelt dms. Your engagement is growing and people keep asking you about your offer.
  • ​You’re stress free and disconnected knowing that your social media is set up in a way that it's working for you, not the other way around.
  • You’re automatically putting out content that positions you as an expert, develops a relationship and attracts your dream clients directly into your inbox.
  • You confidently craft content that your followers rave about... andso they keep coming back for more.
  • Your social media is completely automated and you’re no longer concerned about traveling to places without wifi. 


A step-by-step strategy to simplify your social media content, automate your postings, and boost your engagement online.

With The Social Media Automation Bootcamp, you can:

10x YOUR












Proven Strategies, techniques, templates and tools for social media marketing, management and automation to save you time with social media.


Challenge One


Do you know the #1 reason your social media content doesn't get likes, comments or enough attention…?

You’re not reaching out to the right people with the right messaging.

Don’t worry, I gotcha; together, we'll quickly fix this first. 
  • Discover the missing link to attracting your DREAM clients online
  • ​Learn how to simplify your approach to social media and deepen your connections with strangers. 
  • Define your “Dream Client” and implement a  straightforward social media marketing strategy (that gets you results)


Challenge Two


Have you ever wondered what to say in your social media posts? 

... should you post a video or long text and image-based post? 

Have you ever procrastinated and stressed out over any of the above? 

Let’s implement a solution for ALL of the above. 
  • Understand the hidden motivation of why your dream client would consume your content
  • Discover the 6 simple (but proven) strategies to boost engagement and connection automatically. (no more zero liked or commented posts)
  • Implement the “Posting Challenge” & say goodbye to ever wondering what to post again. 


Challenge Three


Have you ever wondered how to write a compelling social media post that resonates with your audience?

Let me reveal the “secret formula” to writing captivating captions.

There's a subtle science behind WHAT to include within your social posts - don't worry, I'll break it down.

So you, too, can write those scroll-stopping captions (that go viral sometimes) without overthinking.
  • The simple secret to a consistent content strategy that increases your visibility on social media.
  • ​How to get your social media posts in front of your dream clients and make an impact by setting new social media posting standards.
  • Piece together the secret formula to writing a captivating social media post that gets people talking. (Warning! your posts may go viral)


Challenge Four


The caption is only one piece of the social media post...

What about photos and videos?

Should you hire a videographer and photographer?

What if you are not comfortable or even confident of how you look on camera?

Don't worry; in this challenge, I will help you figure out answers to all the above and more…

So you can put out photos and videos that grab attention, boost connections and develop relationships with your dream audience(even strangers).
  • ​How to simplify your approach to social media and have photos and videos readily available.
  • ​How to ditch imposter syndrome to the curb and find your inner confidence. Get in front of the camera to build trust without ever meeting your prospect in person.
  • ​The exact strategy and effortless system I use to fit content creation into my busy schedule (so you can do the same).


Challenge Five


This is where it gets really fun! Here is the great news...

You don't need to live on social media 24/7 to leverage it for your business success.
  • Learn how to automate and schedule your social media postings (so you can free up a huge portion of your time).
  • Step by step over the shoulder walkthrough video on how to easily schedule your social media posts. 
  • ​Take advantage of the tools in the palm of your hand to truly disconnect and recharge as a busy entrepreneur.



Challenge Six

I reveal my “secret strategy” - how I create social content 12 times a year vs 365 days of the year. 

Think about how much time and mental space you can save? 
  • How you use my strategy to create content 12 x year vs 365 days of the year.
  • Use the social media content calendar to simplify your approach and track what your audience likes and doesn't like.
  • How to develop your content for 30 days and automate it without losing that connection with the audience. 


Challenge Seven


What is the best way to expedite your results online? 

Boost your “engagement” - getting more people to interact with your content. 

When more people (aka your dream audience) engage with your social media content, it positively impacts your results. 

I will show you every simple to advanced strategies and techniques in the book to expedite your results.
  • Discover proven ways to boost engagement without putting much more effort. 
  • Learn a new strategy to use social media with intention vs endless scrolling and  wasting time.
  • Implement the 4 advanced strategies to boost your impact through a unique content calendar for your dream clients. 


The 7 Challenges & 30 Day Implementation Program

For 30 day's you'll be guided with clear direction, 7 bootcamp challenges and new strategies to implement immediately into your social media content. We'll kick you into a social media celebrity that attracts your dream client while getting you OFF social media.

Private Facebook Group + Q&A

You can join us in our private facebook group and get all your questions answered, and if you want, I can even take a look at your progress or give my professional insights to make things better. 

30 Day Content Creation Challenge

Combine the 30 day content challenge with your 7 challenges to boost engagement and implement your new skills immediately.

Instagram Bio Audit

This 5 Minute Instagram Bio Audit will determine the very first impression prospects have of you through social media.

Reel Training 101

Learn the ins & outs on how to create effective Reels to boost your reach, entertain your audience through quick videos.



Enroll Now, TO ACCESS These Bonus Trainings FoR Free!



IG Reels are like Tik Tok for IG.

I will show you how to take advantage of Instagram Reels to effortlessly reach a broader spectrum of people on Instagram. I will also show you, how to leverage Reels to market your business without being “pushy” or "salesy."

At the end of this training, you will have a practical understanding of how to use IG Reels to grow your IG audience confidently, even if you are a total newbie.



Ready to put the Social Media Content Calendar For Busy Entrepreneurs into action?

Of course, I’ll guide you and be by your side the whole time. You will get into the habit of planning, creating content, automation, etc.

With this training + everything you learn in the program you’ll be able to completely overhaul your social media content within 90 days. (plus, you'll have a tremendous business-focused habit in place).



Your Social Media Bio is like the first introduction. 

If your Bio is boring and plain, you are not making a memorable first impression online. 

I will show you how to write an exciting and intriguing social media bio that expresses your authentic self and get you like-minded followers.

Plus you'll also get...


Something came up last minute and can’t make it? No worries, there is a self-study option you can implement to go at your own pace. I highly recommend following the seven challenges to keep you accountable, and motivated and get your social media strategy in place. But hey, sometimes life happens. So don’t worry, I gotcha covered. 


You don't have to create everything from scratch. Simply grab my most successful Social media templates pack and use it for your own business to increase likes, shares and comments.


Join the Social Media Automation Bootcamp Facebook group. I will be with you every step along the way. I’ll guide you through this bootcamp (push you out of your comfort zone when necessary). You’ll come out of this program with easy strategies and simple systems to automate your social media and scale your business with ease.

Get Started Today

Choose the Plan That Works Best For You




This is not just another course...

This is a Bootcamp-style online training for busy entrepreneurs like you…

I get it. You don’t have time to sit and passively watch another social media management course for 10 hours. 

That’s why I created this hands-on boot camp-style training.

I will guide you to go through a short training and complete the 7 challenges.  

At the end of the 7 challenges, you will have social media marketing, managing and automation strategies, skills and techniques.

You will acquire the valuable skill set required for modern entrepreneurs.

You will have the knowledge to market yourself and your business on social media.

You will have a successful and proven repeatable process to handle social media posting, marketing and automation completely.

But about all else...

At the end of the 30 days, you will have a completely automated social media posting and marketing plan in place - running like a well oiled machine even when you’re away spending time with your folks, traveling or taking a power nap.

Sit back and enjoy absolute entrepreneurial freedom.

You'll Be Backed Up By A Risk-Free Guarantee

The Social Media Automation Bootcamp has the power to completely change your entrepreneurial life for the better. 

If, for any reason. after completing challenge #1 (including the workbook exercises), if you find S.M.A.B. is not a good fit for your situation or does not meet your expectations, simply send me an email within the first 14 days of signing up, and I will completely refund your financial investment. No questions asked.  

This means you have NO risk, but rather, a rare opportunity to completely change your social media marketing and management approach for a better ROI as an entrepreneur. 

Here is everything you get when you sign up for Social Media Automation Bootcamp today
  • Social Media Automation Bootcamp
A step-by-step strategy to simplify your social media content, automate your postings, and boost your engagement online.
($997 Value)
  • Reels Training 101
I will show you how to take advantage of Instagram Reels to effortlessly reach a broader spectrum of people on Instagram. I will also show you, how to leverage Reels to market your business without being “pushy” or "salesy."
($147 Value)
  • 90 Day Content Creation Challenge  
With the bootcamp training + everything you learn in the program, you’ll be able to completely overhaul your social media content within 90 days.
($97 Value)
  • How to Write an Intriguing Social Media Bio
I will show you how to write an exciting and intriguing social media bio that expresses your authentic self and get you like-minded followers.
($47 Value)
  • My Most Successful Social Media Templates Pack
You don't have to create everything from scratch. Simply grab my most successful Social media templates pack and use it for your own business to increase likes, shares and comments.
($39 Value)
  • Facebook Group
Join the Social Media Automation Bootcamp Facebook group. This is where you'll get support, get answers to your problems, network with fellow entrepreneurs and join coaching sessions.
The Social Media Automation Bootcamp - Total Value: $13,000+  
Your Investment only $297

Here's what other entrepreneurs say about the S.M.A.B. Training

Tina S

Never in a million years did I expect to be as consistent as I am on social media. One thing I love about working with Lisa Anne in this program, is that she encourages you to show up as yourself.

Morgan S

I always stress about social media and being active. Lisa challenged me to turn off my phone for an entire weekend and let the automation work for me... I went away and came back with a lot of engagement and direct messages.

Suzanne K

Nicole B

Sinéad R

You can be the next story…


Hey, I'm Lisa Anne

I'm a self-made entrepreneur, C.E.O., fitness fanatic, and self-development junkie.

I propel entrepreneurs like you to internet-celebrity status using my proven digital marketing models in just a few weeks.

I started off as any other typical clueless entrepreneur and today I’m one of the most sought-after Social Media Marketers and business influencers of my generation. *Pats self on the back*

I am proud to say I’ve done everything from managing multiple 6 and 7-figure marketing ventures, running Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns and developing high converting sales funnels.

I wish someone had guided me when I was struggling to find a balance between life and balance. Which is why over the years I’ve formulated proven strategies to create time and space in my life while thriving in my business. Now one of my missions is to help struggling entrepreneurs with strategies to win at life and business.

I’ve taught worldwide through the power of wifi, was a University Guest Teacher on Facebook™ in Advertising in 2018, and was awarded Best Digital Marketing Agency in Ontario Canada in 2022. I’ve also been applauded year after year for my educational courses and private mastermind seminars.

Why am I telling you all this? I want you to know that I have spent years perfecting a social media strategy and I’m here to help you perfect it too. I am passionate to see you crush your business goals and build the biz of your dreams. 

You in?


Here are a few answers to our most common questions

How does this boot camp work? 
This is a boot-camp-style training where I will take you through 7 challenges during the 30 days. These 7-challenges include specific short video/ audio instructions, demonstrations and worksheets to put into action. And you are required to implement that lesson into your social media as part of the challenge. 

At the end of 30 days, you will have the specific knowledge, skills, proven strategies, techniques and tactics to market, manage and automate your social media as an entrepreneur. 
Who is this for?
S.M.A.B. is for beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs who seriously intend to attract clients via social media and cut down the time they spend on social media. 
What special tools and equipment do I need for this training? 
You don’t need any expensive tools or tech equipment to go through this boot camp. I will show you how to use all the tools and tech equipment you already use to create unique content for social media. 
Do I have to do it 30 days straight? 
This Social Media Automation Bootcamp follows a typical Bootcamp style training where I teach and demonstrate the strategy, and you follow along with me and implement it right away to your social media strategy.

Each week you will get access to one of the 7-challenges. 

This simply means you will get things done at the end of 30 days if you follow along with me. 

So I recommend you commit yourself for the next 30 days to S.M.A.B. rather than procrastinating on it. 
What if I want to come back and revisit these challenges? 
Every student gets lifetime access to this training. So, you can go through this training in the future as much as you like. 
How is this different from a Social Media Marketing course? 
This is a Bootcamp - practical hands-on training on how to market, manage and automate social media as busy entrepreneurs. 

So this is not just a social media marketing course. This is step-by-step Bootcamp style training to help you gain knowledge, skills, strategies and techniques to market, manage and automate social media. And at the end of the 30-days, you will be implementing what you learn. 
What if I am not happy with this Bootcamp training? 
If you complete the 1st challenge by doing the accompanying workbook exercise and are still not happy with the S.M.A.B. training, please contact me via email, and I will refund your entire investment.

Ready to take the challenge of Social Media Automation Bootcamp ? 

So you too can completely overhaul and restructure your social media marketing, posting and automation strategy to give you more time, results and peace of mind. 

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