The most in-depth implementation program for generating high quality leads on automation leveraging Social Media.
In the Spotlight Theory 12-week Program, you will go from feeling burnt out and stressed, wondering where your next client will come from to generating a consistent wave of high-quality leads on automation, all while building a connection through your personal brand on social media.
Before I tell you all about this life-changing program, let’s talk about who this is really for…

You’re a go-getter with ambitious goals, who’s tired of feeling burnout but is utterly driven to scale a business that allows you to make a more significant impact, increase your profits, and gives you back TIME to work on other aspects of your business or to check other goals off your list.

Whether You're ...
  • A newbie entrepreneur who's in the "Startup Mode", taking the leap of following your passion and is really "just getting started".
  • A busy entrepreneur who is stuck trading time for money. You are so busy working IN your business that you don't have time to hit the financial goals you dream of.
  • ​A ambitious dreamer who is saying YES to everything that comes your way because you are eager to make this business work.
  • ​An established business owner who wants to make an even bigger impact using social media. You want to reach more people, and you know the online world will help you expand.

You're in the right place, and I'm going to tell you exactly how the Spotlight Theory Program will give you the tools, inspiration, and support on your journey to building your brand online. 

By the end of this Program,
you will have…

Developed Automated Systems and Process to free up time so you can 

focus on your delivery, optimization, and doing what you love to do (Even if you’re a total technophobe and have never used automation techniques in your entire life).

Implemented a Social Media Marketing Strategy That Builds Connection

and attracts your dream client into your business consistently without you wasting your valuable time on social media.

Developed a high-converting client acquisition funnel and lead generator

that authentically leads your best prospects through their journey of booking an appointment with you.

Leveraged a mix of paid social media advertising and email marketing to 

consistently wake up to a packed calendar of highly qualified prospects who are eager to work with you.

Crafted a compelling email list multiplier and follow-up sequence that builds

trust, develops a strong relationship and positions your irresistible offer in front of your prospect on automation.

Implemented a new digital marketing automation strategy that will

dramatically cut down your hours on marketing, prospecting and sales efforts. Let your well-oiled machine help you grow with predictability.
Everything The Spotlight Theory focuses on will free up time and energy inside your business so you can work ON it, not just IN it.
This course is designed specifically to help personal brand owners systematically and sustainably move the needle in their businesses in a way that’s not overwhelming or burnout-inducing.

A Small Sample of Our Amazing Alumni

Lisa is a mentor. She is so good and she can take you from point A to point B. It's unbelievable the progress that I've made and the knowledge that I got from her and from her course. She is so pleasant, nice, and fascinating. I enjoyed every minute of the course.
Naama, United States
You inspired me to try to start working on the funnels since you demonstrated how one can be so creative with this to reach an audience. Just to let you know, you created the right atmosphere to engage and participate. Never before, I willingly volunteered to explain something in front of a group.
 Sam, United States
The Spotlight Theory is stuffed with small details which is what makes the big difference for launching my product - I've never seen that before in any other program. What I love most about Lisa is that she is super dedicated, she has this positive vibes over. She's also super straightforward and will never keep you longer in a video then then necessary. That's what I like - she really values your time.
Muriël, Costa Rica
The way you taught Facebook Ads & kept things simple helped me generate $50,000+ per month online
Dan, United States

" Your business will explode 10 fold by working with Lisa Anne"

Angela, United Kingdom
I never got to the level I really wanted too, until I finally made the decision to partner with a pro.
Daniel, United States
It was a complete feeling of secureness, knowing Lisa was there to help transform my business and life.
Paul, United Kingdom
"I was struggling to get my product in front of the right target audience. Since mentoring with Lisa, I now get new leads on a daily basis"
Grace, United States
"The results speak for themselves - after only 2 months, we now generate 14 leads+ per day plus 1 high ticket sale every two days"
Ed, United States
Here’s What’s Included In Spotlight Theory
This 12-week program contains 40+ lessons with all the step-by-step training entrepreneurs need to create a system that automatically scales their businesses by leveraging their personal brands on social media.


Anchoring Your Brands Digital Foundation

Setting your digital foundation is what will propel your business forward in a short 90 days. In this module, we're going to set up your entire digital foundation from start to finish in a way that positions you as an expert and automates time-wasting tasks.

We'll start setting you up for success by understanding EXACTLY who you are talking to, which goes beyond demographic statistics. You'll know exactly how to step into the shoes of your dream client and personalize your message to deepen connection, increase conversions, and attract high-quality leads.

You're going to get the fast-tracked method to optimizing your social media profiles, so they are primed and ready to work for you. You'll get the inside scoop on how to craft your irresistible offer and price it to maximize your profits.

Finally, you'll automate your booking calendar (It's simpler than you think!) so that you can send one link where your clients and prospects can make appointments. That way, you can free up some time and focus on the needling moving tasks within your business.


  • BUILD A BRAND FOUNDATION: It's time to show up EVERYWHERE for prospective clients. The Spotlight Theory walks you through how to optimize your Facebook and Instagram profiles so your platforms are primed and ready to receive traffic. 
  • ZERO IN ON THE TARGET AUDIENCE: Identifying who's being served is the first step to performing well. The Spotlight Theory gives complete training on target audiences and how to define broad and sub-segment target audiences. We'll take a deep dive into who they are, where to find them, and how to reach them.
  • ​STRUCTURE AN IRRESISTIBLE MAIN OFFER: You know, the kind that audiences have been waiting for. Spotlight Theory walks through how to determine what makes the main offer unique and how to create messaging that shows target markets that it's perfect for them.
  • AUTOMATE YOUR SCHEDULE: Going back and forward, trying to book a meeting with your current clients and prospective clients is a frustration you can let go of. The Spotlight Theory walks you through how to automate your schedule and send out reminders on automation.


Attraction Marketing Content Strategy

Creating content and feeling like you aren't being seen and heard is standard for most (unfortunately). In this module, we're going to show you exactly how to create compelling content that grabs attention, attracts your dream clients, and shows you how to automate it.

We'll begin with determining what type of content you should be posting, how to boost engagement and how to use your personal brand to your advantage.

You're going to learn and implement a step-by-step strategy to plan your content one month in advance. That way, you block off one hour a month for planning your social media posting, and then the rest is done for you -- thank you, automation! 

Next, we'll take those new posts and schedule your content on social media in advance. It's time to let the platform work for you. That way, you won't get distracted for 30 minutes scrolling aimlessly.

Imagine this...

You posted on social media and received private message from someone you've never met before... 

They were asking for your advice and opening the conversation with a potential client. 

Imagine that happening, over and over and over again- simply by posting on social media...

What if that happened and you haven't been on social media for 3 days?  That's where the automation starts to work FOR YOU.


  • ATTRACT DREAM CLIENTS:  Time to create a loyal fanbase that's ready to buy! The Spotlight Theory includes training on your content strategy and how to create content that attracts them to your profile, builds connections, and strengthens relationships.
  • SCHEDULE YOUR POSTS: Do you want to be a curator on social media? Or be a user? You don't need to live on social media to use it for your business. The Spotlight Theory will show you how to batch your content one month in advance and schedule it out.


Create A Winning Lead Magnet

Grabbing attention on social media is one thing, but generating your dream client's contact information, in my opinion, is the next best thing to chocolate chip cookie dough. 

In this module, we're going to create a captivating piece of content that you can use to give away in exchange for your ideal client's contact information. You'll begin the trust-building process by providing them with a small win and giving them something valuable for free. 

We'll begin by determining what your audience needs most, how to position yourself as an expert, provide real value and start the relationship-building process.

After you've put together your winning lead magnet, you'll learn the simple social media approach to generating new leads simply by sharing the release of your new lead magnet.

Imagine This...

You are talking to your dream client on Instagram. You are asked a question and realized your new lead magnet will help solve their problem. You ask for their email to send it over. You follow up a couple days later, and the conversation led to acquiring a new client.


  • DEVELOP A LEAD MAGNET: One of the most powerful things a business owner can have is an engaged email list. A lead magnet is the start of that process. Develop a lead magnet that you can put in front of your dream client, and collect their name and email to build your pipeline.
  • GENERATE LEADS FOR FREE: Social Media is a powerful tool where you can share your voice, message and new lead magnet to the world for FREE. Learn how to continuously generate new leads by connecting your already existing social media following to your lead magnet.


Email Marketing Automation

Do you find yourself trying to stay afloat with following up at the right time? Or sending emails to prospects and hearing crickets?

Through email marketing and email autoresponders together, we will build an automated 7 step follow up sequence that delivers your lead magnet, follows up, and automatically turns your leads into booked appointments.

We'll begin with setting up the follow-up framework that walks your lead step by step through an email sequence that builds a connection, positions you as an authority, and pre-sells your offer before you ever talk to them.

... and then, we'll AUTOMATE IT!

Imagine this...

After you've asked for your prospects' email to send them your value-packed lead magnet, you enter it into a program. 

As soon as you press GO, it automatically emails your lead magnet to your new email contact. And it follows up automatically with 6 more emails to turn them into a booked appointment.


  • EMAIL MARKETING FRAMEWORK: Understanding how to turn your leads into prospected booked calls comes down to the when and how. Craft the right framework that follows up with your leads without you having to pick up the phone and do cold calling.
  • EMAIL COPYWRITING: The last email that should be sent from your inbox is a newsletter. Focus on crafting personalized emails that connect, sell, and build a relationship like no other.


Simplify Your Client Acquisition Journey

Automate your lead generation and prospecting through a customized funnel that also will trigger your emails to send automatically. In this module, we're going to turn your customer acquisition process into an automated funnel that works for you 24/7, 365 days of the year.

We'll strategically plan your digital customer journey in a way that builds a relationship with your prospects, just as if you were in person. You'll learn EXACTLY how to set up that journey to run on automation and alleviate you from ever having to worry about where your next client will come from.

You'll build a connection by shooting personalized videos that will amplify your results, even if you've never shot a video before. Lastly, we'll ensure your new customer journey automatically triggers your email follow up to send your email without you having to press GO.

All you have to do it show up to your booked call & close the deal.

Imagine this...

Think back to your message on Instagram, where you asked for their email to send them your lead magnet. Let's skip that step. Instead, simply direct them to your branded URL where they can enter their own name and email address to get free access. Your emails will trigger to send and follow up for you, and your booking calendar will automate your appointment booking.


  • AUTOMATE YOUR CUSTOMER JOURNEY: Strategically design a customer acquisition funnel that generates leads and books calls on automation.
  • AUTOMATE YOUR EMAIL FOLLOW UP: Trigger the start of your email automation, deliver your lead magnet, and follow up as soon as your new lead submits their contact information.
  • ​EASY VIDEO CREATION: Build connection, and personalize your campaign with easy to follow video script and editing tools that will position you as an authority and increase conversions.


Reach Your Dream Client through Paid Advertising

We've been setting up these incredibly powerful tools to collect your prospect's contact information, build a relationship, and turned them into a booked call, and now, we turn it LIVE!

In this module, we're going to place one post in front of thousands of your dream clients and encourage them to get access to your lead magnet.

This is where we get down to the nitty-gritty with Facebook ads. You'll learn step-by-step and in detail exactly how to set up Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns that generate hundreds of leads on automation, and I don’t leave ANYTHING out.

More advanced, you'll set up your unique Facebook tracking code that will track every step your prospect takes within your funnel, build custom audiences to increase lead quality, and will optimize to amplify your results. 

Imagine this...

Imagine having your social media post that has your link to your lead magnet show up in front of your dream client. They read the post and clicked on the link.

When they land on the website, they enter their contact information. 

That contact information automatically triggers the email to be sent and will follow up for you to get them to book a call.

At the same time, the new lead is directed to the next step within your customer journey...

... even better, that all happened while you were sleeping.


  • FACEBOOK BUSINESS FOUNDATION: Set up your business foundation on Facebook Ad's Manager to be eligible to run social media ads, manage your page and connect your employees or contractors to manage your assets.
  • CUSTOM TRACKING & AUDIENCE CREATION: Utilizing one of the most powerful tools Facebook has to offer - the Facebook pixel. You'll set up custom tracking and audience to increase the performance of your campaign.
  • FACEBOOK AD CREATION: Ad copywriting is a skill that will intensify your campaign performance. With easy templates to follow and understanding your audience, you'll master basic copywriting skills to turn views into leads.
  • FACEBOOK PAID ADVERTISING: Learn everything you need to know about running Facebook and Instagram advertising. From the very basics, all the way to advanced, scalable campaigns.


Optimize Your Digital Marketing System

Now that all your hard work is in effect, it's time to focus on performance. In this module, you're going to learn how to make tweaks to increase conversions and keep your brand top of mind.

We'll begin by determining the exact tweaks you'll need to make based on performance to make sure your funnel is converting at the highest level. 

You'll get access to the exact retargeting campaign that will bring prospects back in and push them down your customer acquisition process quickly & seamlessly.

And lastly, we'll 10X your results by implementing advanced audience and ad techniques that will SCALE your business to hit those goals you're dreaming of hitting.

Imagine this...

Your dream client read your post, clicked the link, and then got distracted because a client called. They closed all the tabs before they even entered their name and email...

Through retargeting, we can put another post in front of that exact person and get them back in your digital customer acquisition process. No one get's left behind.


  • ACTIONABLE IMPLEMENTATION: On a weekly basis, you'll make tweaks to your funnel, campaign and emails to increase performance and personalize your project to deepen the connection.
  • TOP OF MIND RETARGETING: Staying on top of mind will build trust, increase your brand authority and ensure you've left no one behind.
  • ADVANCED PAID ADVERTISING: Through advanced audience creation and campaign targeting, you'll boost your social ad performance and reap ALL the benefits.
Let your well-oiled machine help you grow with predictability.

The Spotlight Theory™️

(A $14,997 Value)

7 Implementation Modules walking you step by step through EVERYTHING you need to do to use social media and automation techniques to scale your business and claim back your time.

An easy to stick to content creation strategy that positions you as a thought-leader builds a relationship and deeply connects with your dream client.

An automated lead generation strategy that attracts your dream client into your business, and begins the relationship-building process while you sleep, travel, hang out with your family or work on other aspects of your business.

A strategic email marketing, retargeting and follow-up campaign that turns your following into leads and leads into booked appointments who are begging to work with you.

You'll be given access to one module per week (except for the implementation weeks) -- so that you have enough time to dive into the lessons and execute that portion of the project plan BEFORE moving onto the next.

We do this to protect your time, attention and focus, to keep you from feeling overwhelmed, lost and falling off course. Our number one goal is for YOU to achieve results.

Plus these Bonuses that will Help You Generate Unstoppable Momentum -- And Keep It!

When you enroll during this special, limited time period,
you’ll get:

The Spotlight Theory™️

(A $14,997 Value)

Weekly Live Q&A & Community

(A $1,297 Value)

Facebook 101

(A $597 Value)

Sales 101

(A $497 Value)

Total Value: $20,088

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $20,088

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Spotlight Theory Is The Key To ...
Building a strong brand and becoming seen as the go-to EXPERT
Creating automated systems and processes that FREE up time and energy
Growing a loyal following based on trust and connection for greater IMPACT
Scaling a business sustainably by generating qualified leads on auto-pilot
Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers!
 I’m already swamped working in my business. How much time will it take me to complete this course?
Spotlight Theory is a 90-day program that takes place 100% online. Training sessions will be released weekly, and over the full 90 days, you’ll set everything up with my help, from dialling in on your target market to running paid traffic. There will be live Q&A sessions once a week that will be recorded and available in the members’ platform, and you can watch and rewatch any of the training at a time that works best for you.

All in all, members can expect to spend around 60 minutes per day on the course. At the end of 90 days, they'll have completely leveraged their brands for massive growth through digital marketing strategies.

Look, I know you’re busy, but here’s a truth bomb. You’re ALWAYS going to stay this busy unless you leverage the tools and automation that are available to you. Spotlight Theory can show you how!
 I’m not good at Facebook ads. Will this course still work for me?
Yes! Spotlight Theory teaches you everything you need to know from start to finish. No previous Facebook ads experience necessary.
 What if I’m not sure what my brand is? Can I still join Spotlight Theory?
Yes. Part of what you’ll do in Spotlight Theory does a deep dive into what makes a strong brand and build it together.
 What will I need to be able to complete this course and set up my digital marketing automation?
Several online tools are needed to make the best use of this course, and there are additional fees for these tools. These tools are needed in order to effectively implement the strategies inside Spotlight Theory, whether you join Spotlight Theory or not. Here are the tools I recommend:
  • ActiveCampaign AutoResponder - An email autoresponder allows users to communicate personally with their lists in a way that meets audiences wherever they are in the value ladder by setting up specific emails that will send automatically. Free trial included.
  • ClickFunnels - ClickFunnels is a landing and sales funnel page builder that captures email addresses and guides people to the sale. Free trial included.
  • Social Media Ad Budget - Run effective Facebook ads by setting them up with my budget guidelines. Spotlight Theory helps members set up their ads in a way that will ensure they convert and return revenue back to the business.
 I don’t have a very big following or email list. Can I still do this? 
Definitely! The size of your list right now doesn’t matter. Spotlight Theory show members how to attract the RIGHT people and nurture loyal, raving fans without all the extra work they don’t have time for anyway.
 Are the LIVE group chats recorded?
Yes! You’ll be able to access recordings of the LIVE group chats at any point in your class.
 What should I expect after signing up?
Once members sign up for Spotlight Theory, they will receive an email with their account information. They will be able to log in, set up a profile, and explore the first module right away.
 Do I need to have an existing business?
No! The Spotlight Theory can be applied to the amateur entrepreneur or an expert in their space. This program contains everything needed to set up a brand leveraging client machine.

Still "thinking about it"?

You should give The Spotlight Theory a 14-day risk-free shot if you're motivated by any of the following:

You want to grow your business... but also have more time in the day.

  • Stop jumping from new idea to new idea and settle on a plan that WORKS
  • ​Learn how to leverage digital marketing strategies for growth
  • ​Create an entire digital marketing strategy that runs like clockwork
  • ​Implement automation techniques that aren’t time-consuming or hard
  • ​Growth hacks and build an authoritative brand
  • ​Stand out amongst the crowd by being THEMSELVES
  • ​Attract a loyal following of people they want to work with
  • ​Build connection and trust while growing a large audience fast 
  • ​Become an internet celebrity and go-to expert
  • ​Generate pre-qualified leads around the clock
  • ​Increase their revenue and charge premium prices
  • ​Have more freedom and time for themselves and their families
I personally cannot wait to guide you over the next 12 weeks...

Hi, I’m the course creator, Lisa Anne. I’m a self-made entrepreneur, CEO, and one of the most sought after Social Media Marketers and business influencers of my generation. 

I propel entrepreneurs and businesses to internet-celebrity status using my proven models in just a few weeks. I’ve done everything from managing multiple 6 and 7-figure marketing ventures, running Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns and developing high converting sales funnels.

I’ve also been applauded year after year for my educational courses and private mastermind seminars. I’ve taught worldwide through the power of wifi and was a University Guest Teacher on Facebook™ Advertising in 2018.

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